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Author Biographies and Presentations 2004 - 2007

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3rd Party Logistics Coming Into Their Own - Adrian Gonzalez (2007)

5th Annual State of Logistics Report - Rosalyn Wilson (2004)

40 Proven Ways to Reach Cost Saving Targets - George L. Harris (2004)

Advanced Supply Chain Management Case Study: Decentralizing the Tool Crib - David L. Rivers (2005)

Applying 3C's at ASSA ABLOY - Randy Walker (2007)

Avoiding the Pitfalls and Insuring Success of Your Outsourcing Efforts - Karen Fedele (2005)

Benchmarking Benefits and Barriers - Steven Wade (2005)

Best of Breed vs. ERP Solutions for Supply Chain Management - Matthew E. Menner, Karin Bursa & Jim Osborne (2004)

Bridging the Great Divide: Technology and Process Improvement in Supply Management - Kenneth Hartman (2005)

Building a World Class Procurement Organization - Lisa Martin (2007)

Business Ethics and Standards of Conduct - Arnold Lovering (2004)

Business Process Outsourcing - Beth Perdue (2005)

Cargo Security and Risk in the World Today - Brad Elrod (2007)

Cargo Security - Is this the Calm Before the Storm? - Michael Wolfe and Lorraine Henderson (2004)

Central vs. Distributed Stocks: Trends in Logistic Network Design - Michael Watson & Bruce True (2004)

Choosing an Enterprise Procurement System When You Can't Have It All - Michael Broderick (2007)

Contract Law - Traps to Avoid - H. Kennedy Hudner (2007)

Contracts - Deadly Duels in the Fine Print - H. Kennedy Hudner (2006)

Creating Effective Supplier Management Programs - Joseph Black (2005)

Creative Problem Solving: Art or Science? - Victor J. Garo (2005)

Delivering Value Through Supplier Management - Jeffrey Shuman & Janice Twombly (2004)

Deriving Value from 3PL Outsourcing - the Key Role of Transportation Sourcing - Jonathan Gilbert & Michael Zimmerman (2007)

Developing the Right Culture to Achieve Better Performance and Continuous Cost-Out Improvements - Ron Cain & Ken Therrien (2007)

Development of Channel Partners in Pharmaceutical Procurement- Sarmento Silva (2004)

Driving Supply Chain Excellence - Marilyn Gettinger (2006)

E-Commerce Scorecard - Larry Giunipero (2005)

E-Commerce Tools and Reverse Auctions for Sourcing Services - Larry Giunipero (2004)

Effective Approaches to Managing Change: Getting People on Board! - John A. Haas (2005)

Emotional Intelligence-the Number One Predictor in Hiring Succes - Bink Garrison (2005)

Executive S&OP - Top Management's Handle on the Business - Robert A. Stahl (2007)

Generating Profits from Cost Center - Dennis Hickey (2006)

Get Project Requirements Right the First Time: Use Cases for Business Requirements - Lalig Musserian (2007)

Global Outsourcing: Communications & Relationship Building - Stefanie J. Heiter (2005)

Global Outsourcing Planning Process/Steps - Richard G. Weissman (2005)

Global Sourcing - Subroto Roy (2006)

Global Sourcing & Competitiveness in the 21st Century (Focus on China) - James Cunniff (2005)

Global Strategic Sourcing: Selection of CRO Suppliers - Mary Kachinsky (2004)

Going Green - Sustainability & the Future of Operations Management - Thomas Sloan (2006)

Hours of Service and Other Current Trucking Issues - Gary Whicker & Thomas Albrecht (2004)

How Retailers are Pulling Your (Supply) Chain - David Bovet (2006)

How to Effectively Motivate and Communicate with your Enterprise-wide Team - Paul S. Diette (2004)

Information and the Internet - Joe Tragert (2004)

Integrating Lean and ERP on the Supplier's Factory Floor (Rebuilding your database for Advanced Demand Signaling Control) - Roberta Abair (2005)

International Negotiations - Cultural Cues - Susan Scott (2006)

Is there ROI in RFID? - David Jacoby (2006)

Kanban Across the Extended Supply Chain: Considerations for developing pull systems with supply partners - Patricia Wardwell (2005)

Key Performance Indicators: Improving Supply Chain Performance Management - Tim Dolan (2004)

Key Steps in Implementing a Kaizen Event - Thomas D. McBride (2005)

Keys to Successfully Managing Global Capital Equipment Procurement - Bernard Doherty & Richard Levasseur (2007)

Lean Supply Chain Design - Michael T. Cote (2004)

Logistics of Global Outsourcing - David Jacoby (2005)

Logistics of Sourcing in China - Rob Casper & Rob Shepard (2004)

Low Cost Country Sourcing for Knowledge-Based Services - Subroto Roy (2007)

Managing Product Diversity for a Leaner Supply Chain - Todd. O. Burger and Jeffrey C. Wickham (2006)

Managing Your Internal Supply Chain - Michael O'Connor (2006)

Master Outsourcing - Or Else! - Beth Perdue (2004)

Measuring Team Effectiveness - Ron Payne (2006)

Negotiating in Difficult Situations - Arnold Lovering (2007)

Negotiation - Richard G. Weissman (2004)

Negotiation Gurus and their Messages - Arnold Lovering (2004)

New England Marketplace Strategies - Travis A. McCready (2005)

On-Line Reverse Auctions Lessons Learned: Three Years and $150+ Million Later - Samuel Dowell (2007)

Opportunities in Travel Management - Jack Barry (2005)

Optimizing Inventory Management Using Demand rics - Mark Chockalingham (2005)

Optimizing Inventory Management Using Demand Metrics - Mark Chockalingham (2007)

Outsourcing: Legal Aspects & Contracts - Robert A. Adelson, Esq. (2005)

Production the Theory of Constraints Way - Dale T. Houle (2006)

Program Management - Just the Basics, Please! - Linda Desmond (2004)

Project Management for Supply Chain Professionals - Richard G. Weissman (2006)

Ready, Set, Certify! APICS and ISM Certifications: Your Competitive Edge Throughout the Supply Chain - Tony Cioffi, Susan Scott (2005)

Risk Assessment and Business Continuity Planning - Sonya Hope (2006)

Reducing MRO Procurement Costs by 25% - Ivan G. Owen (2005)

RU Promotable? - Clark Merrill (2005)

Sales & Operations Planning in a Global Supply Chain - John Dougherty (2006)

Six Sigma in Supplier Development and Integration - Steve Case (2006)

Sourcing's Trojan Horse: Getting Your Arms Around Functional Silos (Uncovering Hidden Opportunities) - Keith Jones (2005)

Sourcing's Trojan Horse - Julia Drake and Nathan Carlson (2005)

Strategic Aspects of Team Building - Philip Helle (2005)

Strategies and Best Practices for Outsourcing Clinical Research Services: Interactive Panel Discussion (2007)

Supplier Certification: Partnering with Academics to Get it Right! - Jim Limperis & Marilyn Pelosi (2004)

Supplier Risk Management Program - Karen Weinstein-Millson & Michael Kalfopoulos (2007)

Supply Chain Best Practices - Joseph J. Fantasia (2005)

Supply Chain Career Planning for the 21st Century - Bob McInturff (2005)

Supply Chain Challenges in the Life Sciences Industry - Peter Smith & Vincent Kosewski (2007)

Supply Chain - Your Company's Secret Weapon - Shelley Stewart (2006)

The 5 Core Disciplines of Strategic Supply Chain Management: How Best in Class Companies Achieve Superior Performance - Brad Householder (2005)

The China Connection 2007 - Setting Up Manufacturing and Supply Chains - Mike Chester (2007)

The China Connection - Setting Up Manufacturing and Supply Chains - Mike Chester (2005)

The Data-Driven Economy - Ed Schuster (2006)

The Future Role of the CPO - Larry Giunipero (2005)

The Principles of Six Sigma - Richard Crowe (2005)

The Real World of Culture Change and Supply Chain Efficiency - Saul Pilnick & Jo Ellen Gabel (2004)

The Top Ten Hidden Costs of Outsourcing - Joe Petti (2007)

The War on Complexity - Theresa Metty (2006)

Today's Purchasing Manager as Risk Mitigator: Gaining Insight Into Supplier Stability - Jim Lawton (2005)

Top Ten Performance Initiatives for CPOs - Jack Barry (2006)

Tracking and Traceability - avoiding being put out of business while improving operational efficiency - Peter Green (2007)

Turn your Distribution Center into a Supply Chain Asset - Sam Flanders (2007)

Using Sourcing/Bid Optimization in Supply Chain Management - Larry Giunipero (2007)

Using Sourcing Optimization and Reverse Auctions in Supply Management - Larry Giunipero (2004)

UTC: A Case Study - UT500 : Savings through the Power of One - Susan Spence (2005)

UTC: A Case Study - Saving Millions of $$ Annually Through Contract Revisions, Policy Changes, Streamlined Processes, & Enhanced Technology - Scott Singer (2005)

Vendor Managed Inventory/VMI (From Domestic & International Suppliers) - Daniel A. Marino (2005)

When to be George Patton or Eleanor Roosevelt: How to Coach Successfully - Steve Ford & Joe Maressa (2005)

Workforce Development - Mary Sarris & Mark Whitmore (2004)

Workplace Communications - Susan McGinley (2004)

Workplace Violence: Identification, Prevention & Support - Martha Coakley (2007)

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