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Marilyn Pelosi

Marilyn Pelosi

Marilyn PelosiMarilyn Pelosi teaches Quantitative Methods in the School of Business at Western New England College which is located in Springfield, Massachusetts. She has 21 years of experience teaching statistics including business statistics to both undergraduate and MBA students. Although she started her teaching career in the Industrial Engineering Department, it soon became clear that her style and interests fit better in a Business School and so she transferred to the Business school 16 years ago. She has written two textbooks on statistics and several statistics workbooks. The texts are interactive in style and include current examples and a conversational writing style.

She loves to teach and finds that the students often teach her as much as she teaches them. There is always music playing when you walk into her class, sometimes connected to the topic for the lecture but mostly just to create a welcoming and upbeat environment. In addition to teaching stats in the Engineering and Business School, Marilyn has been team teaching a course on Renaissance Florence and Revival Dublin which of course is in the School of Arts and Sciences. The big joke on campus is that she can not decide what school she really belongs to!

Outside of writing and teaching Marilyn likes to read suspense and mystery novels and travel. She has two children, ages 23 and 19. Her husband teaches Mathematics at Western New England College.

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