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Sales & Operations Planning in a Global Supply Chain

by John R. Dougherty

What is this thing called S&OP and why do successful companies use it? What's involved, what are the steps, and how does it work? Where does S&OP work? With which kinds of products? With which kinds of customers? Does it help with the new product development and design process? How are the demand and supply plans for the detailed product mix managed in a way that is consistent with the volume plans from S&OP? Is S&OP really needed in a company using continuous improvement methods like lean manufacturing or TQM/6 Sigma? How does S&OP work with Supply Chain Management: outside the company, with customers, and with suppliers? In what size company does S&OP work best? How does it work in privately-held companies, global companies and companies using a matrix organization structure? Does S&OP survive ownership or organization changes? How can a company be sure that its financial plans match its operational plans?

Based on the 13 worldwide companies described in Sales and Operations Planning - Best Practices, this presentation will describe how S&OP can be successfully deployed to deal with various demand chain configurations, and supply chain linkages.

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