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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

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2017 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition - Justify Your Attendance

Justify Your Attendance

Why attend? Click here for the Executive Summary. Also, see below!

In an increasingly challenging global environment, supply chain professionals must consistently update their skills and knowledge to thrive and stay competitive. The return on investment (ROI) from attending New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition (NESCON 2017) can be considered from two perspectives:

Personal ROI - What is the potential value of sharpening your skills, increasing your marketability, your salary, and boosting your overall success in your  career? Attending NESCON will provide you with the educational opportunities that you need to help you identify the latest in cutting-edge tools, techniques and technologies used for continuous improvement and will provide you with the training you need to actually walk the talk. Consider the boost in potential earnings you might gain over the next five to ten years as compared to the cost of attending NESCON a jam-packed, highly-rated, customizable, one-day Conference for $199 (Early Bird rate) over that same period!

As you may well know, certified professionals frequently report significant increases in salaries over other professionals. If you are certified, or in the process of earning your certification, you can earn Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) towards recertification from both APICS and ISM by attending NESCON 2017.

Organizational ROI What is the potential value of improving your performance and the performance of people and processes within your current organization? Some conference attendees need to make the case to leadership to invest in training and continuing education through NESCON. The materials in this section will help you to communicate the value of participating in NESCON when requesting approval. These justification documents may help you the benefits of sending you to NESCON 2017. If you have career discussions with your manager, tie your career goals and future development to specific kinds of training opportunities that you need, or knowledge you need to obtain. Use these documents to propose a strategy for reporting on, sharing and applying the information you may bring back to your organization by attending relevant educational opportunities offered at NESCON 2017.

Conference Justification Worksheets

Here are some tools to help calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) garnered by attending NESCON. You will have to save these files to your computer in order to view them, and fill them in, after you click the link for the form.

Download a NESCON expenses worksheet (MS Excel file) to develop a cost estimate for attending. The cost of attendance consists of the conference registration fee, travel costs and time away from work. Considering that NESCON is a local conference, airfare will not be necessary. Travel expenses are likely to be reduced to mileage, and if you choose to spend the night on Sunday night instead of commuting, your nightly hotel rate is discounted to a modest $125.00. You may need a meal on Sunday night, but many find that the heavy hors'doeuvres served at the Sunday Night Networking/Welcome Reception (free to all attendees) is sufficient. Continental breakfast and lunch is included in the price of the Conference ($199 Early Bird rate).

Download a NESCON benefits worksheet (MS Word file) to help you focus on the benefits of attending NESCON.

Customizable Letter To Your Manager

Download a customizable NESCON justification letter to your manager (MS Word file) to describe the value of attending NESCON and request approval.

More Justification Tips

Download additional tips on calculating ROI to help justify your attendance at NESCON.

NESCON Attendance Profile Distribution Charts

NESCON Attendance Profile Distribution Charts

Post-Conference Report

Provide clear proof that your company or organization will benefit from an outstanding return on investment when you attend NESCON. Download a NESCON report template (MS Word file). A conference report is a great tool to share with people that did not attend the conference. As you attend each session, take good notes and think about how to apply the concepts, techniques and tips from the session to your organization. Good results will position you well for approval to attend future conferences and events.


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