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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

2011 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition - William Howell Presentation

Ten Essential Lessons of ERP Implementations
William Howell, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Accellent Inc.

Many a company and a career have landed on the rocks of failed ERP implementations. More than one company has gone out of business due to a failed implementation, and countless more have lost millions of dollars on poor or complete failures in terms of ERP implementations. Even so-called successful implementations are likely to have come up short in terms of what they could have offered their company had they been done better.

Bill has seen those that were true failures, those that were labeled successes but really werenít, and he has overseen a truly successful implementation. An implementation that brought an ERP system live at sixteen manufacturing plants without missing or disrupting a single customer shipment. An implementation that delivered on time, on budget, and to agreed business functionality. An implementation that took the companyís operations from 17 different ERP systems to a single ERP system with 98% of the corporationís revenue on that one system.

In this presentation, Bill shares the ten essential lessons that are required for a successful ERP implementation. These are the ten critical success factors that can help ensure your implementation is a success. By applying these lessons you will be able to look back knowing that you successfully navigated the shoals and stand among the few who have successfully implemented ERP.

Whether you are implementing a full blown ERP system, upgrading an existing one, changing a hosting partner, or adding new functionality, this session will provide key insights that you can take back to your company and apply tomorrow to help make your project a success.

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