New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

2011 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition - Roy Anderson Presentation

What Might Procurement Look Like in the Future? Are You Ready??
Roy Anderson, VP of Procurement Services, Metasys Technologies, Inc.

Times are Rapidly Changing and Transformation is Taking Place.

The Question is: Are you Ready?

Thought leader, Roy Anderson, Vice President of Procurement Services at Metasys Technologies Inc. leads a lively and interactive discussion on the future of Procurement. In our rapidly changing, highly “social” world, procurement organizations as we know them today will be vastly different in the years to come. Transactional work will be outsourced and highly successful procurement organizations will focus on the strategic initiatives that drive results. Processes will be automated and systems will be implemented to assure compliance. Companies will leverage market intelligence and real time business data communicated through social networks and communities consisting of peers and suppliers. Procurement’s role will be to put these systems in place, start the automation engines and then monitor and manage them to make sure they run efficiently and effectively.

Join Roy Anderson as he paints a vivid picture of what these organizations will look like and provides the profile of the procurement professionals that will work there. We will review:

• The critical skills you need in your tool kit to advance in your field
• The challenge to be positioned as the partner of choice for the best and most innovative suppliers
• How we use data within the systems to be more predictive in our analysis of the marketplace
• How innovation from the supply base drives your impact to the corporation
• As leaders, are we driving the activity in the organization to obtain the greatest value (growing profitability and decreasing risk) or filling our time with less essential tasks?

This is one conversation you want to be a part of.

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