New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

2011 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition - Frank J. Casale and Tony R. Mataya Presentation

Outsourcing 2011 - The Latest Trends & Mine Fields, as well as Opportunities Your Company Can Leverage!

Frank J. Casale, Founder & CEO of The Outsourcing Institute (OI)
Tony R. Mataya, Managing Partner, ThinkSolutions, Inc and Chairman, Nearshoring Sourcing Interest Group, Outsourcing Institute (OI)

The Outsourcing Institute will lead a panel discussion, of industry experts in the field of procurement, and specifically in the area of Outsourcing. Outsourcing In 2011 is more pervasive than ever before. In addition, the growth of nearshore and offshore destinations in places like Asia and Latin America are allowing for greater choices & greater benefits. There are also however many new challenges facing those who outsource. Here are some of the points of discussion:

CHALLENGES (Presentation):
• Destination selection (what areas are best at what??),
• Vendor selection,
• Transition issues,
• Logistics,
• Cultural issues,
• Lowest cost areas,
• Price vs Total Cost,
• Information Security,
• Safety (where is it safe for your employees to do business, and where is it not?)
• Limited budgets,
• Limited Spend – can I participate in Outsourcing??, and
• Governance & Relationship Management

The above are just a few of the things that can determine success or failure in today’s Outsourcing environment. The panel will address each of the above issues, as well as:

• Understanding different types of outsourcing relationships, and their key challenges
• An approach to defining a governance model to fit the expected challenges
• Examples of useful tools, metrics, and skills required, for different types of relationships
• Supporting governance across multiple provider relationships 

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