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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

2011 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition - Don Hutcher Presentation

Doing Business in the Commerce Cloud Ė The Impact to Buyers and Suppliers
Don Hutcher, Account Executive, Ariba, Inc.

Quick Summary:

Cloud technology is hereÖso what does it mean to us in Procurement. We will take a look at how it impacts the solutions we buy to support our operations, how they are deployed to us as well as how we pay for them, how we will find suppliers (and how our sales department can find new customers) and finally how we will connect with those suppliers. The real paperless supply chain may finally be hereÖHow will you react and what is your plan for learning more?

Extended Summary:

If you think about your business, on one side you are working with your suppliers to buy the goods and services you need to operate at the lowest possible cost. On the other side of the business, you are a seller trying to find new business first and then easily connect and serve your customers. And in between you are trying to manage your working capital the third leg of doing business Ė working capital. This would be hard enough to manage if you only had one supplier and one customer, but you donít. You have thousands of each.

Companies have spent years optimizing the processes that occur within their four walls but the next battle that will be fought is the battle of the supply chains and now companies need to really connect and build networks with all their trading partners. Companies need to consider their processes that are inter-enterprise (suppliers/customers) and automate these key activities to garner all the efficiencies, contract terms & discounts, working capital opportunities while freeing Procurement leaders to act strategically.

So this is where the Commerce cloud comes into itÖit's secure, itís always on, itís how we deliver the technology and itís where the community is. All the technology is SaaS so implementations are measured in weeks not years and more importantly you donít need to get IT to operate it. Itís about the community and the volume thatís already there. In the next 24 hours, over $450MM in commerce will occur there F500 and their commerce partners so itís clear that the buyers and sellers have already found their way there. So now we are in the mass adoption phase, and there is no going back. Itís just a question of what your approach and strategy will be to harness the power of the Network.


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