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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

2011 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition - Birgit Matthiesen Presentation

North American Manufacturing – the Move Back
Birgit Matthiesen, Senior Advisor, US Government Relations, to the President for the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association

• Companies no longer look exclusively for low wage production, but also for product quality and shorter supply chains as well
• Returning to North America is becoming more and more common!
• Overseas Manufacturing Challenges:
       o Skilled labour inconsistencies/shortages,
       o Regulatory inconsistencies,
       o Onerous compliance
       o Inconsistent quality manufacturing standards
       o High transportation costs (far from markets)
• North America Manufacturing Advantages/Competitiveness:
       o Lots of skilled labour/talent pool
       o High level of Innovation,
       o High quality manufacturing standards, and
       o Closer to markets / Lower transportation costs
• Trade Initiatives:
       o Obama/Harper Feb 4th announcement
       o Beyond The Border Working Group,
       o Regulatory Cooperation Council
       o Formation of the B3 (Businesses for a Better Border – a manufacturing coalition to advise both W.S & Canadian governments on policies for perimeter  security, regulatory compliance and economic competitiveness).
• Innovation is as close as the next customer, North America’s ability to adapt quickly to consumer trends
• The Oil Sands industry; and their implications for New England, the economy, and on business-to-business market growth
• And more to come – keep an eye on this website for further info!


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