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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

2010 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition - Savo Djukic Presentation

Sourcing in Eastern Europe
Savo Djukic, Owner/Director at Oblo LLC, London, United Kingdom

Savo will review:

• A brief description of the area,
• A comparison of countries within Eastern Europe, and what each one specializes in (and which ones to avoid!)
• What are Eastern Europe’s niche’ commodities: including, but not limited to:
     o Software,
     o IT,
     o Raw Materials,
     o Cars,
     o Apparel,
     o Food,
     o Pharma,
     o Plastics,
     o Wood,
     o Metal, ….
• Some of the pros & cons of sourcing in that area,
• Some of the tips and tricks to successfully source in this area,
• A comparison of Eastern Europe, with India/China/South America, etc,
• An approximate range of labor costs in the area, as well as legal costs, office costs, etc.
• Infrastructure status,
• The latest trends (is outsourcing growing at a fast rate in this area, or slowing?)
• What big companies are already sourcing over there?
• What is the forecast for future outsourcing in this region?

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