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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

2010 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition - Savo Djukic Bio

Savo Djukic, Owner/Director
Oblo LLC, London, United Kingdom

Savo DjukicSavo is very active in International Trade, with over 35 years of rich commercial experience, working in the Eastern Europe, EU, Middle East, Far East and the USA.

After obtaining Diploma in International Trade at Belgrade University, his first job was in 1970 with the Centrotextile, Belgrade, the largest international trading company for apparel in Yugoslavia, with the staff of 1000 and offices in 25 countries.

In 1975 he moved to Generalexport, Belgrade, a company which specialized in the top level global international trade, with the staff of 400, and offices in 64 countries. Their activities ranged from tourism, to exporting all types of the goods and commodities, including the financing of the major investment projects in Yugoslavia, and in Eastern Europe.

In 1976 Savo was posted to the London, UK office for five years, expanding his own activity from only apparel to include various other goods, and working with even more countries than before, including Taiwan, Chile, Israel, & South Africa.

On his return in 1981 (to the head office in Belgrade), he was appointed to be the youngest divisional director in the company’s history, achieving excellent results, until 1985 when he decided to get out of this government owned company, and to start his own business.

In 1986, Savo moved back to London, started his own trading company, which sold apparel, furniture, and home products; to the USA, USSR, and Europe, utilizing the manufacturing capabilities of Eastern Europe. By combining the high quality materials from Italy, with the strong manufacturing capabilities of Eastern Europe, Savo was able to deliver excellent products, at the very competitive prices.

In 1991, he started to sell more goods to direct customers in the Russia, and other Ex-USSR countries, buying various raw materials from these companies, as the central trading systems in these countries were no longer functional. Savo consequently opened several more offices in various Ex-USSR countries and throughout Eastern Europe.

In 1998 Savo moved offshore, registering Oblo LLC at Delaware, continuing to source various goods in Eastern Europe, and also in China, selling to customers in the USA and EU.

Savo organized various JVs and acquisitions in Eastern Europe. Also, he owned a large shoe factory in Romania, and recently organized several trading and manufacturing companies in Russia, for Italian brands.

Currently he is organizing manufacturing license contracts in Russia, for two global brands from the USA and EU.

Savo has an excellent business network in Eastern Europe, including some of the top level entrepreneurs in the area, and the top-level governmental personnel as well. He is experienced with significant first-hand knowledge of the Eastern Europe legal & political system, as well as the business environment.

In addition, Savo is fluent in Italian, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, and has a good knowledge of the German language as well.

In the past, Savo has presented various topics related to International Trade and Sourcing in Eastern Europe, at the following conferences:
- Moscow, Russia, 2009, the Federal Chamber of Commerce,
- Osijek, Croatia, 2009, the Regional Chamber of Commerce,
- Moscow, Russia, 2008, the Russian Shoe Union,
- Bucharest, Romania, 2007, the Association of JVs Romania,
- Skopje, Macedonia, 2006, the Chamber of Commerce,
- Belgrade, Serbia, 2005, the Italian Footwear Confederation's visit to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Sourcing In Eastern Europe

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