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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

2010 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition - Michael Martin Presentation

Procurement of Janitorial Products and Services, Saving YOU Money (and Being Green!!)
Michael Martin, CIMS I.C.E., Director of Sales, Swish USA (of Swish Maintenance USA, Ltd)

Can you “GREEN” your workplace environment without adding “RED” to your bottom line? In short, the answer is an emphatic “YES”!

Michael Martin, CIMS I.C.E of Swish Maintenance USA, Ltd, will provide compelling data that describes how the development and implementation of a comprehensive Sustainability Program will not only save you money, but improve the overall productivity -- not just of your cleaning staff – but potentially of your entire workforce.

It’s a sad fact, but “Where there are people, there is the need to clean”. Worse yet, it has been only recently discovered that a great number of products used in common facility cleaning programs have actually been detrimental to the health and well-being of both the direct (custodial staff) and indirect (building occupants and clients) contacts to surfaces cleaned. In short, the air you breathe, the surfaces you touch, and the residual detergents you absorb may be harming the health and productivity of your workplace.

The proactive Supply Chain Manager will conclude, “It is high time we went GREEN!” The conscientious Financial Controller will say, “Only if it doesn’t cost any more than we are paying now!”

What you will learn in this workshop is this need not be either a subject to take lightly, nor one that won’t make you (the Supply Chain Manager) anything other than an incredible HERO in your facility.

Michael Martin, CIMS I.C.E., of Swish Maintenance USA, Ltd, has been in the Supply Distribution industry since 1995. “Once I learned three simple facts:

a) That cleaning chemicals can negatively impact the work environment;
b) That the cost to clean is 90% labor; and
c) That there is potentially a much better way…

--it was like the sky was opened up, and the search for the holy grail was on!” he states. Over the years, Michael has studied a wide range of commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. He also formatted a number of industry specific work-loading calculators, and designed cleaning programs that help bring “Green Product and Process” together; to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and positively impact the workplace environment.

Mr. Martin has both owned and managed distribution companies that covered a significant amount of New England for Swish. Michael now lives and works in Eastern Maine.

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