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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

2010 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition - Frank J. Casale and Tony R. Mataya Presentation

Sourcing/Nearshoring in Latin America – India & China Are So YESTERDAY!
Frank J. Casale, Founder & CEO of The Outsourcing Institute (OI)
Tony R. Mataya, Managing Partner, ThinkSolutions, Inc and Chairman, Nearshoring Sourcing Interest Group, Outsourcing Institute (OI)

The Outsourcing Institute will lead a panel discussion, of industry experts in the field of procurement, and specifically in the area of Outsourcing/Latin America. Here are some of the points of discussion:

a. A map & description of Latin America,
b. Comparisons of countries within Latin America, and what each one specializes in (and which ones to avoid!)
c. Some of the pros & cons of sourcing in Latin America,
d. Some of the tips and tricks to successfully source in Latin America,
e. A comparison of Latin America, vs India/China/Eastern Europe (we’ve done the analysis – the results may surprise you!),
f. Approximate range of labor costs in Latin America,
g. Infrastructure status
h. The trends (is outsourcing growing at a fast rate in Latin America, or slowing?)
i. What big companies are already outsourcing in Latin America (or are heading over there)?
j. A summary of Latin America’s niche’ commodities. Is it Software, Mfging, IT, Financial Services? Attend, and find out!
k. The forecast of future outsourcing in Latin America.
l. Q&A
1. Why is this concept of nearshoring to Latin America getting so much traction?
2. Can you explain why it might make sense to utilize vendors from various regions including LATAM?
3. Can you discuss the pricing differences in India vs LATAM? Are they getting closer?
4. Which companies (that we would recognize) have major investments in outsourcing down there?
5. How do the attrition rates compare to India?
6. What are the most common misconceptions about sourcing in LATAM or LATAM in general?
7. Are there any disadvantages to nearshoring to LATAM as compared it India/China?
8. Which countries do you see leading the way?
9. What services are mostly getting outsourced to this region? Which make more sense than others?
10. How is outsourcing to Latin America different than outsourcing to India or China, from a procurement standpoint as well as from a governance standpoint?
11. What are some risks that buyers should be wary of?
12. What do you suggest to buyers who have not yet considered nearshoring to Latin America?

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