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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

2009 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibit - Roger Patrick Francis O’Hanlon Presentation

Advanced Procurement - Commodity Management / Strategic-Global Sourcing
Roger Patrick Francis O'Hanlon, Founder Global Supply Chain Management, LLC

All industrial operations (yes, all) in the past eight years experienced dramatic changes in their acquisition costs relating to all things (yes, all) involving commodities. The important questions today are:

• Did you fully recognize the inflation progress of this period and its impact on your operations?
• Did you sufficiently track the commodity activities important to your operations?
• Did you enter into agreements as close to the source of the commodity as possible?
• Did you arrange your agreement to align to the long-term attribute of your business?
• Did you make arrangements in your agreement to reap the benefits of deflation?

Well, did you?

Commodities and all acquisitions for industrial and commercial activities require knowledge of and likely action in the global sourcing arena. This includes supply to manufacturing lines, IT requirements, Facilities management, Back Office banking and insurance operations, Human Resource requirements, Financial requirements, and Customer Service activities. However, it is critical to know to what extent global sourcing is to be part of your sourcing activities. By no means is it necessary to be sourcing outside of the operations normal supply network to compete in the worldwide market opportunity. Many businesses today are scrambling because their “global source” collapsed under the economic pressures and the businesses are desperate to find reliable replacement sources.

Important questions:

• Do you know the idiosyncrasies of the sourcing network?
• Do you know the present day status, financial health and make up of the suppliers you rely on?
• Do you know how many suppliers exist presently for such things as copper, nickel, brass, and aluminum?
• Do you know how many suppliers exist presently for such things as paper, forms, administration equipment, and software?
• Do you know how many suppliers exist presently for such things as financial oversight, insurance requirements, services integration?
Now that we know not all things global is the answer, what risk management process is required?
This presentation reviews what has passed and what likely the future involves regarding these complex subjects.

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