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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

2009 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition - Martin Anderson Presentation

Emerging Global Pull-Based Demand-Supply Chains

Martin Anderson, MA, Professor, Babson College

Global demand-supply chains paced by Asian demand are being shaped by companies like Amazon.com on one end, and on the other end by new communications technology in remote mining regions. This trend is creating global 'pull' systems that are closing traditional retail businesses and transforming global logistics at a scale never seen before.

Global scale "user-assembled" demand chains are pulling industrial supply chains into completely new formats, creating wide-ranging new business opportunities and making most push-based supply chains obsolete.

This presentation examines the design and management of complex supply chains and market demand systems in a global, rapid-response business environment. Major focus is on understanding industries as large systems of many organizations that now depend on networked alliances. We'll focus on how traditional strategies and operations are changing rapidly.

Subjects include market drivers of the supply chain, the role of logistics and distribution in the networked economy, and how information technologies link markets to supply and demand chains. The focus will be on a wide variety of industries. A major objective of the presentation is to understand how to manage the shift from PUSH strategies to PULL strategies across the entire supply chain.

This presentation is designed to be a strategic view - it will not be 'what systems to use'. It focuses on how to set up your organization to anticipate very different demand-supply chains.


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