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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

2008 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibit - Greg Sue Presentation

Turning Your RFP Process Upside-Down
Greg Sue

Greg Sue, Service Logistics Manager at Cisco Systems, Inc., was challenged with changing the existing RFP process, and started by asking some questions that may sound familiar:

1. Have you been working too long with "entrenched," incumbent vendors without conducting an RFP?
2. Is renegotiation of your rates long overdue?
3. Are you questioning whether your vendors offer the latest technologies and capabilities available in the marketplace?
4. Do you need your vendors to do more for you, while your management is demanding that you control or -- even worse! -- reduce costs?
5. Are you working with outdated contractual terms and conditions, knowing that standards and requirements have evolved but unsure how to get your vendors to commit to more?

If you also answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're facing some of the hurdles Greg confronted as he was tasked with initiating an RFP on a significant portion of Cisco's service logistics network. He'll tell you the story of overcoming these challenges by turning the existing RFP process upside-down to maximize bargaining leverage and take full advantage of procurement technology. Executing this RFP - the first in several years - resulted in a process that not only allowed his group to increase the value returned for its spend, but also became a best practice socialized and adopted across other organizations at Cisco.

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