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New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

2008 New England Supply Chain Conference and Exhibit - Bruce Hamilton Presentation

Lean Accounting – Learning to See the Right Measures
Bruce Hamilton, President of GBMP

In 1957 the average employee at Ford Motor Company could produce approximately six automobiles for every one made in Japan.  The very expression “made in Japan” connoted a cheap knock-off of American technology produced with poor quality and with little or no accompanying service. Fifty years later, the tables have turned. American manufacturers like Ford are losing billions of dollars every year while Toyota who has earned a reputation as the quality and innovation leader in its marketplace earns billions.

But what has accounting got to do with this reversal? Everything! Management and cost accounting models developed in the 1930’s are substantially out of sync with twenty-first century world economics punctuated by a scarcity of both natural resources and customers. Bruce Hamilton, President of GBMP will speak to the fundamental changes required of accounting models to unshackle capital and labor productivity. Lean accounting measures will energize Lean, but traditional measures will absolutely stop it dead! “VP’s of Finance and Accounting” may be unlikely heroes in the revitalization of American manufacturing and service sectors,” claims Hamilton, “but they can be change-masters, if they understand the key financial implications of Lean.”

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